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F200 Pilot Acetator From HEINRICH FRINGS GMBH & CO.

F200 Pilot Acetator From HEINRICH FRINGS GMBH & CO.

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Story: Little Fork Vinegar was a brand of red and white wine vinegars manufactured at Artesano Mead using a Frings F200 Pilot system. The company bought the brewery equipment from the HEINRICH FRINGS GMBH & CO. in 2017 and planned to build it in 2018. After delays and the pandemic Little Fork Vinegar folded and is now selling the asset. It is in new condition, never opened and stored in a warehouse in Greenport NY. 

The Frings Company will be able to assist and setup the brewery at the buyers new location as they are equipped for international logistics.

Why not buy directly from Frings? The company will need time to build a new pilot system, this new F200 is ready today. 

We've paid $97K , asking $85,000.00 there's an additional cost Frings will charge to connect the Acetator. That cost is $9,700.00.

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